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Sassis Resor 7-Härad offers angling and nature tourism in the Sjuhärad district located in the Västra Götaland region of western Sweden. We arrange high-quality angling, nature experiences, activities, accommodations and a reception above the norm. You are welcome to plan and book your fishing and nature experience through and with us.


You can contact Sassis Resor 7-Härad in Swedish, English or German language.


Our facilities and cabins are open year-round. High season for pike is (April) May-October (November), for perch and pikeperch June - September.

Other activities

Certain facilities offer catering and full board. We can arrange cycling, climbing, canoeing, bow & arrow or riding at your request. And Borås and Göteborg are nearby for shopping!


Location & Transfer

You will find the local travel agent Sassis Resor 7-Härad just outside Borås in Västra Götaland Province, 60 km east of Göteborg. The closest airports are Göteborg/Landvetter (GOT) and Göteborg/City (GSE). The Sjuhärad district has good public transport connections. GPS (WGS 84) Lat: 57.69881, Long: 13.35705


Fishing Service

The Sassis Resor 7-Härad agency supplies fully equipped Linder 440 fishing boats, fitted with Minkota electric motors or 4 hp/4-stroke engines, depending on size. There are mobile echo sounders, fishing equipment, float tubes and guides for hire.


Equipment & tactics

Together we choose the lake and the fishing methods that suits you best that day and in that weather. You can choose spin, jerk, trolling or float tube fishing in all our lakes. Our guides provide general information and can show you some hot spots to explore.



According to Sassi Resor 7-Härad’s fishing policy, fishing is mainly done on a catch & release basis. Min/max size for pike (40-90 cm), pikeperch (55-80 cm) and perch (max 40 cm).



Sassis Resor 7-Härad offers lodging alternatives for 2 to 50 persons. All our facilities are open year-round and are located close to a lake. In this way fishing and the lake are never more than 100 m away. Some of the facilities enable you to book catering and full board. For larger groups we co-operate with conference facilities; smaller groups of 2-6 will be offered one of our well equipped cabins. All cabins are fitted with full kitchens for self-catering, shower, toilet, hot/cold water, single beds, SAT-TV, grill and garden furniture. Some even have sauna, washer and dryer. The cabin size varies from 50 to 150 m2.


Sassis Resor 7-Härad is a member of the Swedish Ecotourism Association and was 2009 Year’s Cooperative Company in Sweden.


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Johanna from Hässleholm caught a nice pike by trolling, after the spawning season.


OK...what to say...this is one of our record pike-perch with 98 cm, caught by Dieter, one of our "vip guests".


A great double came to us when we were out in June with some "product test pilots" from Holland.


Campfires add spice to our outdoor experience and, as long as we are careful, there is nothing to prevent us building a small fire.


During a visit from the fishing journal "Fisch & Fang" from Germany some wonderful perches showed up.


These big pike ladies are not unusual in our fishing area, Stefan, another one of our "vip" guests caugt her by trolling in shallow water.

As you can see, in the Sjuhärad district the focus is on pike, perch and pikeperch.


The guest record fish:

* pike (126 cm - 2010)

* pikeperch (98 cm - 2012)

* perch (48 cm - 2011).


According to Sassi Resor 7-Härad’s fishing policy, fishing is mainly done on a catch & release basis.


Welcome to contact us so we can discuss your individual fishing and nature experience.

Sales & marketing

Sassis Resor 7-Härad is a sales and marketing company. We work with business and product development within tourism, as well as marketing, arrangement and sales of customized tourist offers in, above all, the Sjuhärad and Västra Götaland region.


Sassis Resor 7-Härad also manages marketing services, lectures as well as company coaching.

Business area

Our business area covers Europe, but of course, also Sweden. We currently have partners in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria; Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. All our products and services undergo quality control through an internal quality management system and external, national and international ” test pilots”, who provide us with feedback on our products.


Our mission

"The best we sell you can not buy"


"Fishing for some few appreciating the uniqueness"



Sassis Resor 7-Härad is a member of The Swedish Ecotourism Association



2009 year´s cooperative company in Sjuhärad

2009 year´s cooperative company in Sweden

Nominated for tourism profile of Sjuhärad and host of the year.



Ambassador of the Municipality of Bollebygd

Nominated for tourism profile of Sjuhärad



Nominated for tourism profile of Sjuhärad



Nominated for tourism profile of Sjuhärad



3rd place most enterprising person in 2013



Sassis Resor 7-Härad

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Travel Guarantees ACT (90/314/EEG).

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